Team Building


Taking your team to Sicily is taking your team out of the comfort zone and it is a first step towards a an effective team building event. In Sicily we organize variety of experiential activities and team building formats that are formative, informative, educational and fun.

With our partners we organize team building activities based on sports, games and Sicilian culture.
The importance of teamwork in sports is very similar to teamwork in your business environment. Our sport programs are carried out by professional sport couches and Olympic contestants. Adrenaline activities like car racing and cart racing, kite surfing, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking and even skiing or snowboarding on Mt. Etna Volcano in winter time.

Our Teambuilding Objectives are to create a high level of engagement and interaction among conference participants and provide an opportunity for participants to develop meaningful relationships with one another. We also explicitly promote the value and benefits of teamwork and cooperation within the group and foster commitment, candor and constructive dialogue among participants. Participating in our team-building activities encourages staff to develop cooperative decision-making and problem-solving skills, while also learning about coworker strengths and abilities. Participants take an active role in jointly experiencing an event, reflecting on it, and sharing what they learned from it.
Together with professional instructors and the experiential activity we include all branding, gadgets and video material of the event to take home.

We also organize ‘lighter’ teambuilding formats and experiential activities with game elements in our like treasure hunts, mafia games and cooking competitions with a touch of ‘Sicilianity’.

Being an island, Sicily is an excellent location for team building in the form of a sailing regatta with match races and fleet races. We use professional formative staff for briefing, strategy, goals, debriefing. Our aim is to provide participants with the basic understanding and principals needed for effective teamwork while having fun.
A strong team is essential to any successful organization.